Friday, August 19, 2005

As Darren Ly Sopheap is now safely back in Singapore, this site has served out its function.

Thank you for the support shown and all the help given, particularly those who had given them the necessary information to get assistance from the relevant authorities. A BIG THANK YOU!

No thanks to those who made snide remarks, and to those who felt that this was a purely family issue, please think twice before you ever comment in anyone's blog again because governmental and non-governmental organisations had stepped in to resolve this matter.

No thanks too to the media, for just trying to leverage on this matter and not contributing help in any tangible ways except the creation of more gossips etc and more buzz in the fish markets.

For those who received an email appealing for help, please kindly DO NOT forward it anymore. The matter has been resolved and all the relevant authorities will be informed. Thank you for your concern.

All in all, a blog is still a personal space. May that remain so.

In addition, Darren and Liling would like everyone to understand that Cambodia is a very beautiful country to visit. Please do not let their personal experience affect any of your travel plans. On top of that, most Cambodians are friendly and helpful. They are definitely not as vindictive as some people made them out to be. There are, however, always the exception cases which both of them are reserving their rights to discuss about it when the time is right.

But they want to stress that the majority of Cambodians are just normal, ordinary people going on about their daily life and suffering the normal, ordinary trials and tribulations of life.
And for those who felt that the Cambodian government might be pressured by this issue, rest well and sleep safely in your beds. Quoting Hun Sen, he ever said that he will never bow to international pressure. So rest assured that Cambodia is still as independent a country as ever.

For more information regarding Cambodia and better understanding of the country and its people, please visit

Yeap. That is all.

And above all, this is not a hoax. (I know what some paranoid people out there are thinking.)

Things may still go wrong for this young couple anytime.

Treasure what you have. You will never know what tomorrow brings.